MX Player For Android Review: Sleek, Productive, Abbreviated

July 31, 2019

Large phone screens with high resolutions allow transforming a mobile device into a portable cinema if needed. The smartphone makers try to do everything possible to please a user, offering him all the functions just “out of the box”. Still, questions like “How to watch a movie on Android?” or “A film won't play/slows down on Android – what should I do?” aren’t rare phenomena on the Internet. It happens so because the built-in tools often provide only basic features and support limited codec packs. In such cases, the third-party “omnivorous” players come to help us.

What MX Player Is

The MX Player app is a powerful and advanced video player that is feature filled and comes with great customization tools.

  • Hardware Acceleration

The brand new HW+ decoder lets you apply hardware acceleration to a lot more videos. Now your viewing experience will be heightened to another level.

  • Multi-Core Decoding

Having the label of the first video player on the Android platform that comes with multi-core decoding, the MX Player significantly enhances the performance by a total of 70% as compared to single-core devices.

  • Pinch To Zoom, Zoom and Pan

There are very few video players that offer a pinch to zoom feature. Fortunately MX Player delivers an unmatched performance when it comes zooming and panning across the video screen. Simply pinch to zoom and swipe to pan while watching your favorite videos.

  • Subtitle Gestures

While many video player offer subtitles, MX Player bring to you subtitle gestures that make it easier for you to always know what's happening. To move to the next text or previous text, simply scroll forward or backward respectively. Similarly, to move the text upwards or downwards, swipe up or down respectively. To change the size of the font, pinch to zoom in or out.

  • Kids Lock

Handing your kids your device to keep them entertained or busy is quite risky as they could easily make calls, open other apps, and do just about anything. With MX Player, you get a handy Kids Lock that doesn't allow them to leave the app.

  • Subtitle Formats

There are a number of different formats supported by MX Player. Some of them are listed below.

  1. SubRip (.srt);
  2. MPL2 (.mpl);
  3. PJS (.pjs);
  4. SAMI (.smi) Rugby tag;
  5. SubViewer2.0 (.sub);
  6. TMPlayer (.text);
  7. MicroDVD (.sub);
  8. DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS, subtitle tracks;
  9. Teletext;
  10. WebVTT (.vtt)
  11. VobSub (.sub/.idx)
  12. SubStation Alpha (.ssa/.ass) full styling

The score of the features is 9 out of 10.


MX Player may boast of a simple and intuitive interface with many themes offered. After opening the app we get to the library of files. They are presented as thumbnails for videos/audios, resembling the YouTube miniatures. In the upper right corner, one will see the Update button and a contextual menu hidden behind “three dots”. The last one shows options for searching, network streaming, sorting files, contacting support, and making settings. Also, the app offers a literary huge amount of settings connected with them. If it’s your thing, feel free to experiment. Do with them whatever you like. You can enable/disable the display of built-in subtitles, as well as choose your own folder to find them. Besides, one can customize the appearance by changing the parameters of the text (font, size, color, stroke, etc.) and style (position, indent, and background color). The score of the interface is 7 out of 10.

Performance and Usability

The flipping gesture on the subtitles text allows switching between languages that are certainly useful, for example, in the studying of foreign languages. In general, we are pretty sure that developers aren’t indifferent to users in need of screen quoting and translation. Be aware of the fact that audio playback isn’t activated by default. So, if you are going to use MX Player for this purpose too, go to Settings – Audio – Use as Audio Player. Background playback is available for both video and audio types of files. If it’s enabled, you’ll be able to listen to audio even after leaving the app for doing some other operations on the screen. The score is 7 out of 10.

Cross-platform Use

MX Player is a perfect option for Android only but for every operating system. On Google Play it's a leader with the high rate of downloads – over 500 million times. The score is 8 out of 10.


The amazing flexibility and customization of MX player can’t but buy even the most demanding user. It has a nice proportion of simplicity of use and powerful functionality, providing everyone with the best viewing experience. So, if you’ve never tried it on your device, now it’s a right time to do so.

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MX Player

Large phone screens with high resolutions allow transforming a mobile device into a portable cinema if needed. The smartphone makers try to do everything possible to please a user, offering him all th...