Player: TVN – Don’t Hate the Playah. Read The Review!

July 30, 2019

I guess it’s astonishing that today we have an opportunity to enjoy all the shows we like merely by streaming them on a tiny screen of an Android/Apple device. Although there’s one serious flaw you need to be informed of: so far mobile browsers are poorly optimized for online video-streaming, therefore, watching “A Blind Date” or “La Rueda de la Fortuna” might turn into a severe inconvenience (a bloody snag in other words). To avoid it, you’d better use a specific TV application that is capable of rebroadcasting the video-stream from your gadget directly to the HD TV-screen. And Player: TVN is one of those.

What Player: TVN Is

Player: TVN, designed by TVN S.A., promises you plenty of goodies and tasty freebies. Here’s what we have on the menu:

  • TV-programs and series produced by TVN with (attention) no infomercials. If it’s not generosity, then I don’t know what is.
  • The golden movie-collection and the most anticipated/popular sporting events brought to you by the legendary French CANAL+ TV-channel.
  • All the HBO series that we adore and treasure so much, both new and classic – The Wire, Sex and the City, 6 Feet Under, Game of Thrones, Big Little Lies, etc.
  • A far-reaching list of the thematic channels, both for the adults and kids: VN24, Discovery, Disney, Eurosport, Eleven Sports, AXN, and so on.

Such a benevolently generous list of free channels and shows looks rather fascinating, however, all the magic vanishes once you learn that it’s available free of charge only for one month (30 days to be precise). The score is 8/10.


All in all, the app's design is well, but there is pity fact: it has been designed for the European audience only, specifically for Poland. So if you don’t mind Polish voiceovers or subtitles – you can try and enjoy one of your all-time favorites. Good luck with that. The score is 7/10.

Performance and Usability

Okay now, let’s talk about what sucks negative aspects of the app in question. First of all, it’s not compatible with the Chromecast/Miracast. If you ask me I just can’t imagine what would be the whole purpose of designing a TV + Smartphone app that doesn’t support the blasted Chromecast since it has become something of an international standard in the industry. Then we have excruciatingly persistent glitches and bugs.

The application constantly fails to connect to your network and refuses to do its darn job even though other apps that require connectivity function just excellently. As for subscribing to the channels/programs you love – the app never seems to remember them and every time you launch it anew – the “favorites” section will be heartbreakingly empty. That means you’ll have to search for your cherished programs all over again. And again. Until your hair turns grey, I assume.

The overall technical performance leaves an awful lot to be desired, especially since the last update. For some reason, the authors of the app decided that it’d be an entertaining idea to make the users wait for 8-10 minutes until it finally opens. But even after that, you won’t be protected from numerous freezes and crashes that at some point will drive you so much berserk, that you’ll give up on Player: TVN for good.

The apk is free however it’s freemium with a 30-day trial period. The free trial implies that you can utilize Player: TVN but your TV journey will be kindly accompanied by ads, popping-up every 4 minutes. Nonetheless, I’m not sure you will ever want to pay for this application due to its miserable performance. Due to all these facts, I can't set the mak higher than 3 out of 10.

Cross-Platform Use

This app is compatible with iOS devices and for Android. So, my mark of the cross-platform use is 9/10.

The Verdict

If you speak Polish or just want to learn this mysterious language - Player: TVN might be your choice. But I’d strongly recommend avoiding wasting your time/storage space on it.

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